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Without asylum procedure advice there is no fair asylum procedure

The Refugee Law Clinic Berlin eV is a student association at the Humboldt University in Berlin.

We offer free and independent legal advice for refugees and migrants in Berlin. Our former legal information project on the Greek island of Samos has developed into the in I Have Rights. e.V..


Volunteer Legal Advice: The Concept of the Law Clinic

The idea of the Law Clinic is intended to create a win-win situation:

During their studies, students are given the opportunity to specialize in an area of law and to apply what they have learned in practice under legal supervision and guidance. At the same time, low-threshold and free legal advice can be created.  

Access to justice for all

Having rights does not automatically mean getting rights.

For refugees and migrants in particular, there are many obstacles to enforcing their rights.

Therefore, there is a right under European law to procedural advice in order to enable a fair asylum procedure. This requirement is currently not sufficiently met either in Germany or at the EU's external borders.  


More migration law in law studies

In order to train committed people to become consultants, we offer a multi-part training cycle.  

With our courses on asylum and residence law, we close a gap in the university curriculum. Because despite the enormous social importance, the Berlin universities still do not offer any appropriate courses on migration law.  


For more state responsibility: It is not an honor for us  

German administrative practice is often inadequate.

That is why we are maintaining our volunteer offer, but we say very clearly:

Volunteers cannot permanently compensate for state grievances.  


For a progressive migration policy: #LeaveNoOneBehind

A critical look at European migration policy shows that Europe is not living up to its role as a human rights-based union of values. With our legal information project on Samos, we are active at the European external border and are campaigning against the policy of isolation.

In doing so, we assume our civil society responsibility and are open to cooperation and partnerships in the fight for access to justice and a progressive migration policy.

You can find more information in our statutes and in our self-image.

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