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Kanari 23, Samos 831 00, Greece


# Secure access to law at the EU's external border

The legal information project on Samos February 2018-August 2021

The Samos project was founded in February 2018 by members of the RLC Berlin in response to the European policy of externalization. Since August 2021, the project has been a separate, new association under the name

I HAVE RIGHTS. be active.  The RLC Berlin will continue to support the project as far as possible.

We are very much looking forward to working together and say THANK YOU to all of our association members who have been involved in the three-year RLC Berlin project on Samos.

Why we started the project

Since the EU-Turkey Agreement and the

Establishing the hotspots on the Greek islands has made the situation for refugees much worse.

The long duration of the asylum procedure has forced people seeking protection to live in the camps on the islands for several years - under unsustainable sanitary, hygienic and social conditions. Due to the isolation from civil society and the overload of the few lawyers on site, asylum seekers were in fact denied access to independent legal and asylum procedure information. 

This led to a lack of clarification

on the process of the asylum procedure and the rights of those seeking protection. In addition to improving humanitarian conditions, independent procedural information is urgently needed to secure access to justice.

What our work looked like on site

On Samos, the team provided general information several times a week in various languages (e.g. Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, French) about the asylum procedure in the EU and procedural rights. In terms of content, the project concentrated on the topics of preparation for a hearing, the rights of those in particular need of protection and family reunification according to the Dublin III Regulation. 

The new association I HAVE RIGHTS.

As the project on Samos started to grow in recent years, we decided to set up an independent organization on Samos that will focus on the situation in Greece. The new organization I HAVE RIGHTS. will take over and continue the legal information project on Samos and offer free legal information to all asylum seekers and refugees from January 2022. Until then, the team is working on building new structures and would like to focus more on public relations in order to create awareness of the current situation on Samos.


Like you I HAVE RIGHTS. can support

The association is currently looking for supporters who can help set up the new association. You do not need to be on Samos for this. The association is specifically looking for people who have experience and knowledge in one of the following areas:

  • Program

  • Knowledge of WordPress

  • Graphic design

  • Financial applications and crowdfunding

  • Greek language

  • accounting

  • Project management

Should you have the desire and the time to actively help shape the new association, then write an email to:  or send a DM to the Instagram account:

Follow the work of the new association!

Don't you want to miss the work of the new club on Samos? Then follows I HAVE RIGHTS. on  Instagram and look  regularly on the website .

Job postings

You can find the association's job advertisements at:

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