Legal Advise

Is your offer for legal advice limited to people seeking asylum?

Our consulting offer is not limited to people seeking asylum. It is directed mainly to refugees and migrants in Berlin. However we advise people in general who have questions concerning their residence rights. Furthermore we also consult people who are confronted with questions concerning residence rights due to their work bur are not affected themselves.

Are you also offering legal advise via Skype, telephone or e-mail?

Normally our 13 counsulting teams only offer legal advise in Berlin according to the principle of dual control. As a general rule we do not offer consultung via Skype or telephone because it is mostly essential for the consulting to go through official letters together. Due to Covid-19 we had to temporarily take a break and could not offer face-to-face consulting anymore. That is why at the moment our newly established emergency consulting team ( the consulting team on familiy reunification offer legal advise via e-mail and video calls. The attorneys who hold our legal supervision work very closely with those teams.

Do people who sought advice before come back to you when they have other problems concerbing residence law?

People seeking advice regularly come back to us with follow-up questions. We are always happy to create a basis of trust that lasts so that those who have sought advice will turn to us again.

What authorities do you usually deal with?

BAMF (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees), Ausländerbehörde (Berlin Immigration Office), LAF, Jobcenter, German agencies abroad

Do you also help with access to the job market? Or with other aspects of integration?

Primariliy our consulting is limited to legal issues concerning asylum and residence law. For questions concerning other topics we usually refer to other consulting locations who are specialised on topics like access to the job market, housing, language coueses etc.

Can you also answer questions concerning criminal cases and treaties?

No. We only offer consulting in the field of asylum and residence law.

Are you a state organisation?

No. We are completely independent from any state institutions. Also our donors do not have any impact on our consulting. We keep the information given to us in the consulting confidential and do not give any information to third parties.

I am a journalist and would like to get to know your work. Can I therefore be present at a consultation?

No. We treat consultations strictly confidential. It is very important to us that the person seeking advice finds a safe space in which one can speak freely. The presence of third parties or even the recording of a consultation is therefore not possible.