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ECHR has granted another request for interim measures on behalf of woman living on Samos

While the German Gvt is applauding itself for the heroic act of getting 50 minors out of the Hotspots in #Greece, the humanitarian situation on the islands is heading for a disaster.

In the meantime, the ECHR has granted another request for interim measures under Rule 39 filed on behalf of a pregnant woman living in the „jungle“ on #Samos.

The Court ordered the Greek government to „transfer the applicant to an accommodation with living conditions compatible with Article 3 of the Convention and the applicant’s particular needs“.

Remarkably, for the first time the Court has explicitly referred to Article 3 ECHR (prohibition of torture, inhumane and degrading treatment) in an interim measure decision concerning a pregnant woman. Thereby, the Court implicitly recognized the (obvious) fact, that the living conditions in the #hotspot on Samos constitute a degrading treatment of pregnant woman.

An evacuation of the pregnant applicant from the camp can be the only response to this decision.


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