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Fire in the Hotspot on Samos - act now!

Again, a fire has destroyed hundreds of tents in the hotspot on Samos The first fire broke out on Sunday evening around the medical facilities, which serve as temporary shelters for potential #Covid19 patients.

On Sunday evening and Monday morning, a second and a third fire broke out. Many tents and containers were destroyed. As a result of the fires, violent riots erupted in and around the camp and its surroundings. The fires left hundreds of people homeless.

The camp had to be evacuated twice. Again the authorities prove to be completely inable to provide meaningful support to the victims of the fires and camp residents.

Such fires are not isolated accidents but the foreseeable consequence of a situation deliberately created by the Greek authorities and the European Union.

When will they finally open their eyes and stop ignoring the miserable conditions in the hotspots? #LeaveNoOneBehind


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