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Zugang zum Recht auf Samos

We need your help. For the past year, our legal information project on Samos operated on the generous funding of the Mercator Foundation. However, unexpectedly our funding application for the year 2020 was postponed. The earliest we can apply for an extension will be for 2021. As a result we are running out of funds as of January 2020. This comes as the general situation for refugees on Samos is deteriorating and the Greek government announces to step up deportations to Turkey.

We are ready to keep up the work and structures we established on Samos during the past two years. To secure the short term survival of the project, we need 12.000 € until the End of April. For a long-term prospect, it is essential that we acquire institutional support once again. If you are able to help, you can donate here or contact us at


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